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Preparation & Installation Guide - Wall Decals

Preparation & Installation Guide - Wall Decals

Ensuring Your Decals Stick: Wall Preparation Guide


Dive into the transformative realm of self-adhesive wall decals with Tiny Walls. While they offer a splendid way to revamp your spaces, their effectiveness is tied closely to your wall's preparedness. Wall preparation is everything when it comes to the success of your decal installation.

Identifying Suitable Surfaces

Your decals seamlessly blend with:

  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Mirrors
  • Walls

Ensuring a successful decal application requires a smooth, dry, and flat surface. A key point to consider? Walls treated with certain 'washable' paints, those containing Teflon, or ones with low VOCs can present challenges for adherence.

While the following list highlights some of the more popular brands in Australia known for these types of paints, it's by no means exhaustive:

  • Dulux: A leading brand in Australia, Dulux has a range of eco-friendly and low-VOC paints.
  • Haymes Paint: An Australian family-owned brand offering environmentally-conscious paints.
  • Wattyl: Another significant brand in Australia, Wattyl too has a range of low VOC paints.
  • British Paints: While not originally Australian, British Paints is quite prominent in the market and offers a range of sustainable paint products.
  • Porter's Paints: Known for its unique finishes and eco-friendly paints.
  • Taubmans: Offers low VOC paints and is widely available in Australia.

Wall Preparation: A Non-Negotiable Step

Uncertain about your wall's paint? Err on the side of caution. Adequate wall preparation can't be stressed enough.

Viponds Prep Coat: This is your go-to for optimal wall readiness. Crafted specifically to make walls decal-friendly, its transparent, matte nature also ensures renters can use it without hesitation. Shop Viponds here

Anticipated Issues

  • Cosmetic Damages: Each space carries its own history - from initial paint to the application method. Consequently, cosmetic damages, although infrequent, can arise during decal application or removal. The remedy? A touch of sanding and a repaint.

  • New Paint Jobs: Patience pays. Ensure a waiting period of at least 30 days after painting before introducing Viponds or decals.

Safety Reminders

  • Not Toys, But Temptations: Decals, attractive as they are, aren't suitable for play. They pose a choking risk for children.

  • Smart Placement: To prevent easy removal by kids, place decals out of their grasp. A crucial tip: Avoid positioning them directly above a child's bed.


  • Safety First: Children and decals should be supervised. Remember, they are not play items and should remain inaccessible to young ones.

  • Addressing Damages: Occasional wall damages are a reality with any decal application. While they can be easily rectified, Tiny Walls will not  cover damages caused by decal removal. This is particularly important when considering the unforeseeable nature of each wall's characteristics.

Important Notice from Tiny Walls: Preparation is key! If you have walls painted with washable, Teflon or similar treatments, it's imperative to prime them appropriately with  Viponds Prep Coat. Failure to do so may result in decals not adhering correctly. Please understand that Tiny Walls will not be held liable for issues arising from inadequate wall preparation. No refunds will be provided for decals that fail to stick due to improper wall preparation. Ensure you use a suitable primer if in doubt.

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