Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat
Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat

Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat

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Product features

Before you embark on transforming your space with our exceptional products, it's crucial to consider surface compatibility. We've outlined essential information to ensure your experience is smooth and successful.

Our products are at their best when applied to smooth, primed surfaces that have been painted with two coats of high-quality paint. It's important to avoid surfaces with aged or chipping paint that requires maintenance.

Surface Compatibility: Prep Coat's Key Role in a Smooth Application

Before transforming your space, here's what you need to know about surface compatibility and how our Prep Coat can save the day:

  1. Teflon-based Paint: We strongly advise against applying our products over Teflon-based paints. These paints repel adhesive. Always consult your paint manufacturer first. If needed, Prep Coat can enhance adhesion.

  2. Washable Paints: Exercise caution with "wash and wear" or washable paints, as they may contain additives that repel adhesive. Seek guidance from your paint manufacturer. Prep Coat is your solution to ensure a secure bond.

For an Optimal Result, Consider the Following:

  • Primer Base Layer: Ensure your walls have a quality primer base layer before applying our products. Repair any flaking or damaged paint, and consider hiring a professional painter for this step. Prep Coat complements this process, ensuring a strong bond.

  • Freshly Painted Walls: Avoid applying our products to freshly painted walls. Allow at least 4 weeks for the paint to fully cure. Prep Coat can be your go-to solution for a secure application after this period.

While Not Recommended, Keep in Mind:

  • High Humidity Areas: We discourage using our products in high humidity areas, such as bathrooms or kitchens with stovetops or sinks.

  • Textured Walls: Please note that our products aren't suitable for textured walls or surfaces like bricks, concrete, or raw timber.

Self Adhesive Prep Coat:To ensure a secure adhesion on various surfaces, we offer Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat. This low VOC water-based paint dries quickly with minimal odour.


  • Lightly sand your wall to create a smooth surface.
  • Apply self-adhesive prep coat to your wall at least 24 hours before applying wallpaper or decals, especially if you're uncertain about your paint.
  • Renters, in particular, should consider using prep coat.
  • For the best results, follow the application instructions provided by Viponds.

Important Note: While our smaller decals may adhere to "wash and wear" or washable paints, we cannot guarantee the same for wallpaper and large decals. To ensure proper adhesion, always use prep coat on your wall as instructed on this page, especially when in doubt.

By adhering to these guidelines and utilising Viponds Self Adhesive Prep Coat, you can achieve a flawless and long-lasting application of our exquisite wallpapers and decals. For comprehensive product information and application instructions, please refer to Viponds' official documentation: Self Adhesive Prep Coat.

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The perfect finishing touch! 

We love our wall decals so much! I lacked so much vision on what I wanted but this really brought the finishing touches to our room! Beautiful quality and is very easy to put up! I highly recommend it! - Ebonie

Absolutely obsessed with our arch decal

I love everything about our wallpaper. So beautiful, the colours pop and just bring my daughters play room to life! Was so easy to apply just took one person and 5 minutes of my time. Tiny walls were so easy to contact and get in touch with if I had any issues. Would definitely recommend! - Summah