Measuring Instructions

Using Your Tape Measure: Extend the tape across your wall to determine the widest point for width and the highest point for height.

Focus on the Wall: Ensure you measure just the wall area, excluding any skirting boards or coving.

Leave Room for Trimming: To facilitate a seamless installation, we'll print your wallpaper slightly larger than your provided measurements, by about 1-2%. This extra allowance is for trimming, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced safety during installation.

Wall Types

We celebrate the diversity of wall shapes and sizes - it's part of what makes them so special. To help you accurately measure different types of walls, whether they're standard, sloped, or have unique features, we've compiled a series of informative sketches. Just scroll through them below for tailored measuring tips suited to your wall's specific character and dimensions.

Standard Wall

Start by measuring the full height and width of your wall. It's important to get the exact size, so please double-check your measurements. We're looking for the dimensions of just the wall surface you want to cover, so leave out any skirting boards or coving. This ensures a perfect fit for your wallpaper!

Wall with Obstacles

If your wall includes a door, window, or any other obstacle, measure the total width and height as if these weren't there. The obstacles will be cut away when you hang the wallpaper. Feel free to send us additional measurements, a photo, or a rough plan - this helps us customize your wallpaper proof even more accurately. It's straightforward and efficient!

Sloped Wall

Got a wall with a sloped ceiling? No worries! Just measure the longest and widest parts, ignoring the slope. We'll create your wallpaper as a complete rectangle or square, and you can easily trim away the excess during installation.

Double Slanted

For walls with two slants, simply find and measure the longest width and height. Your wallpaper will be produced as a square or rectangle, and any necessary adjustments can be made during installation for a sleek look.

Multiple Walls

Planning to extend your wallpaper across several walls? Just add up the widths of each wall and give us one combined measurement. This way, you can order your wallpaper in one seamless piece, making the installation process smoother.

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