Australian Gum Tree Branch & Koalas Wall Decals

Australian Gum Tree Branch & Koalas Wall Decals

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Wall Decals

kids wall decals

Product Information

Made from a polyester woven fabric

Non-toxic and safe for walls

Specially patented adhesive ensures clean removal that won't leave any residue behind.

Decals can be removed and reused multiple times.

Don't forget to keep the backing sheet in case you want to transport or store them later.

How to Install

To install, start by washing your hands and wiping over your wall with a damp microfibre cloth. This step is important to ensure that you have a clean surface. Our decals come to you precut, making it an easier than ever application for you.

Note that larger decals are supplied in multiple pieces for ease of installation.

Remove your decals from the box and gently roll out the decal sheet until flat.

Gently peel away the decal from the backing, place the decal in the desired location on the wall and smooth it down gently with your hands.

You may remove and re-stick the decal until you are happy with the placement.

Our decals are opaque, so you can install them over coloured walls or overlap them to achieve your desired look.

Roll up the decal backing and keep it in case you wish to transport them in the future. 

How to remove

Peel the decal back gently. Place on backing sheet for storage.

Handy Tips

Decals can be removed and reused multiple times.

Don't forget to keep the backing sheet in case you want to transport or store them later.

If you have thrown your backing paper away, you can stick the decals on the following surfaces
Inside cupboard doors, on top of mirrors etc.

You can also purchase a sheet of corflute from your local hardware store.

Decals can be stuck on top of each other and easily peeled apart. Please ensure that you stick them down firmly so that no dust or debris gets on the adhesive.

Care Instructions

Decals are not waterproof however they can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth.

Please do not use harsh cleaning agents as this may affect the quality of your decal.

Please be gentle with our decals when installing and removing them. Remove gently and do not rip or pull. Doing this may result in tearing the decal.

Purchasing Policy

Please read the following information carefully. When purchasing from Tiny Walls you agree that you have read and understood this information. You also agree that you have contacted Tiny Walls to seek further clarification.

NOT recommended for application on walls that are painted with Teflon or Wash and Wear paints. Please contact us if you are unsure, we can recommend a primer for you to use that will help the decals stick.

NOT recommended for installation on textured or brick walls. Apply to a smooth surface only. Will not stick to textured surfaces.

DO NOT apply to freshly painted walls. Allow 4 weeks for the paint to cure before installation of your wallpaper. Not following this information will result in bubbling and decals not sticking.

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY - Please keep it out of reach of children. Do not place in reach of children, especially where they sleep. Some decal sets may contain small pieces and can pose a choking hazard.

IMAGES on this website are NOT TO SCALE and are a representation only.

Printing colours may vary from those you see on screen.