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Removable Fabric Wall Decals - Dinosaurs

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Immerse your child’s mind in an adventurous pre-historic wonderland with our breathtaking collection of Dinosaur Wall Decals

Fill your little one’s room with these pre-historic giants and watch your child’s imagination thrive amongst the biggest carnivores and herbivores in history. Whether it’s being chased by the menacing jaws of a Tyrannosaurus or soaring the skies with Pterodactyl’s, you’ll find your child’s fascination with the Jurrasic world perfect for sparking their creative spirit and personality.

These fun illustrations have been hand-painted in watercolour and are exclusive only to Tiny Walls. The intricate detail and neutral cool tones will make the perfect addition to any child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom.

Create an atmosphere your child will grow to love for years to come and enjoy the flexibility of our removable and reusable design. Our wall decals are printed on a high-quality fine-woven polyester fabric that features a low tack adhesive back, meaning you can remove, reposition and reuse your wall decals without damaging your walls!


  • Wall decals dinosaurs - Available in 6pc sets in 2 different sized packs.
    • SMALL 6 pc set includes:
      • 1x Stegasaurus cm 43cm wide x 34cm high
      • 1x Tyrannasaurus Rex 53cm wide x 27cm high 
      • 1x Brachiosaurus 40cm wide x 51cm high
      • 1x Triceratops 42cm wide x 28cm high
      • 1x Big Pterodactyl 27cm wide x 27cm high
      • 1x Small Pterodactyl 16cm wide x 16cm high
    • MEDIUM 6 pc set includes:
      • 1x Stegasaurus cm 78cm wide x 62cm high
      • 1x Tyrannasaurus Rex 98cm wide x 51cm high 
      • 1x Brachiosaurus 74cm wide x 92cm high
      • 1x Triceratops 76cm wide x 51cm high
      • 1x Big Pterodactyl 50cm wide x 55cm high
      • 1x Small Pterodactyl 33cm wide x 37cm high
  • Maxi dinosaurs are also available to purchase individually. 
  • Large Dinosaur Decals are supplied in multiple pieces for ease of installation.
  • Full set of dinosaur animals are also available to purchase separately.


  • Decals printed on removable fabric 
  • Quick & easy to install - just peel and stick
  • Decals are non toxic and safe for walls
  • Specially patented adhesive ensures clean removal that won't leave any residue behind.
  • Perfect option for renters or those who like to redecorate.
  • Decals can be removed and reused multiple times.
  • Don't forget to keep the backing sheet in case you want to transport or store them later. 


  • NOT recommended for application on walls that are painted with Teflon or Wash and Wear paints. Please contact us if you are unsure, we can recommend a primer for you to use that will help the decals stick.
  • NOT recommended for installation on textured or brick walls. Apply to a smooth surface only. Will not stick to textured surfaces.
  • DO NOT apply to freshly painted walls. Allow 4 weeks for paint to cure before installation of your wallpaper.
  • THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY - Please keep out of reach of children. Do not place in reach of children, especially where they sleep. Some decal sets may contain small pieces and can pose a choking hazard. 
  • IMAGES on this website are NOT TO SCALE and are a representation only.
  • Printing colours may vary to those you see on screen.