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So you are loking for more information on our products. Let us show you how amazing our product relaly is. 

WhatWe use the highest quality fabric material for our wallpaper and wall decal range. 

We use only premium finely woven polyester fabric that features a low adhesive back, which will be ever-so-kind to your walls, leaving behind no sticky adhesive residue.
This material also makes it very difficult for our wall decals to be creased, so they can be repurposed for years,


printed in a beautiful matte finish and have a fabric feel - giving them a premium look and touch.
use only the highest quality UV inks that provide a striking and crystal clear image, as well as being non-toxic and great for the environment.


Our wall stickers will come to you pre-cut, making it an easy as ever application for you. They can be applied to any flat and clean surface, all you need to do is remove the backing and gently smooth the sticker over the surface using your hands, and there you have it! 



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